Writing and editing for you…

I’m not a branding expert, media consultant or marketing guru. In my wheelhouse are just a few skills–interviewing, writing and editing. Nonetheless, if you need someone to knock out an attention-getting press release, write clean and engaging copy for a corporate newsletter or capture the ideas and voice of a c-suite executive for a ghostwritten byline piece, I’m your man.DSC_0243 I’ve covered real estate since 1999, but thanks to my grounding in newspaper and magazine journalism I’m at home writing about nearly any subject. It’s as simple as putting me in touch with the experts who can tell me their stories, explain what they do and share the messages they most want to convey to the reader. I see writing and editing as a collaboration. The best part of my job is the time I get to spend talking with so many knowledgeable and insightful people.

Since becoming a full-time freelance writer in 2003, I’ve completed more than 1,000 writing and editing projects for magazines, trade associations, corporate clients and public relations firms. For more details on my professional experience, click the LinkedIn button below. Links to some of my recent work are available here.

Best regards,
Joel Groover

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